Effective Way to Get Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

For almost ten years, Portugal citizenship has been the most famous residency option. You can get residency and citizenship by obtaining a Golden visa. The investment program is the most popular option all over the world. Now, many people are trying to get citizenship by investment method.

Now, the investors can get Portugal residency. Once you get residence, then it becomes easy for you to get nationality. Many are still confused about whether a Golden visa allows five years of residency. However, you can get a passport if you live for 35 days in 5 years in Portugal. To get help in the whole process, you can hire 7Sky Immigration. The expert consultants are here to assist you in getting permanent citizenship in Portugal with beneficial investment options.

Why Choosing Portugal Citizenship by Investment?

Investors don’t need to relocate to Portugal to get citizenship. It is the best benefit that you can get from the investment program. It is the most famous residency option all over Europe. You must stay for a short time, almost 35 days for five years, in Portugal.

It is the main scheme that is different from many other schemes in Europe. You also have many famous investment options that help you to get Portugal citizenship.

Investors Don’t Have to Relocate to Portugal

Though many citizenship programs require you to invest and also spend time in that country, when you apply for the Portugal Citizenship by Investment, then you don’t need to spend most of the time in Portugal.

The other thing that makes Portugal citizenship famous is the low-density investment options. Though the economy of Portugal is stable and you can live a quality life. You can also avail many cheaper investment options than in any other country.

Suppose you are interested in investing in getting a Golden visa. Then you can start from the minimum rate, and you also have many options to choose from. You can invest by purchasing a property. You can also avail investment funds options.

Citizenship Benefits in Portugal:

The rights that Portugal permanent residents get are similar to the rights that Portugal citizens get.

The following are the similar rights of both:

  • Both can take part in full employment even if they don’t have a work permit
  • Both can get an education and study in any part of Portugal
  • Have the right to get complete security and pensions
  • Can purchase property in Portugal

Though, you can also get many other Portugal Citizenship by Investment benefits:

  • You have the right to vote in elections
  • Eligible to obtain a Portugal passport
  • Can get EU nationality and also have the chance to travel to other countries without a visa
  • Have the chance to live, work and study in the EU

Though, the demand for Portugal citizenship is increasing day by day. The demand for a residence is not so much compared to getting a passport. In most cases, you need to give up your current nationality. While in some cases, you can get dual citizenship.

Portuguese Investment Visa Requirements

When you have to apply for the Portugal visa by investment, then you need to fulfill important requirements. 7Sky Immigration has expert immigration consultants that help you to meet these requirements.

You can invest of the minimum value in Portugal’s investment program. Though there are many ways to invest but the most famous is real estate. It is estimated that almost 90% of investors choose this program.

You need to live for almost seven days in one year. It means you have to live for 35 days in 5 years period.

Who Can go for an Investment Visa in Portugal?

Anyone can apply to get a Golden Visa for Portugal. But for this, the applicant needs to have no criminal record. It is also crucial for investors to purchase a property. Then after five years of investment, the applicant can get nationality. To buy the property or to invest in any other option, you have to invest in the qualifying option.

To get Portugal Citizenship by Investment, you have to meet several requirements. You need to get a Golden visa, which is possible if you live for seven days a year. Also, you should not have a jail sentence record in 5 years. You also have to pass the Portugal language test. For this, you have sufficient knowledge.

Final Verdict:

Portugal Citizenship by Investment is the most straightforward way to get citizenship. However, Portugal is considered the safest country to get nationality. So, you should meet its requirements and live a luxurious life.

It is suggested to choose a reliable consultant to get citizenship in Portugal by following the right investment opportunity. So hurry up! 7Sky Immigration helps you in the complete process of getting a visa and nationality. You have to participate in the entire process to achieve Portugal citizenship!

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