Best Immigration Firm in Lahore is Debunking Myths About Immigration

Immigration attracts a lot of myths about it, especially in the modern world where countless people become immigrants. Just because chances of getting the needs fulfilled from abroad are high as compared to the homeland country. Read this guide presented by the best immigration firm in Lahore, 7 Sky Immigration to know about different myths.

What Kind of Myths Exist About Immigration?

When it comes to traveling abroad, everyone has different reasons and wants solutions to their immigration needs as per their preferences. Everyone may have different immigration goals but all people desire a better by improving living standards. Therefore, immigration is no less than a light of hope. Right now, many people are of the notion that there are many myths and fallacies regarding immigration existing among foreign countries.

Therefore, the following are the major myths that still circulate around the globe.

Myth 1: Immigration Is a Bad Thing.

The first and foremost myth that some people still continue to believe. They suspect that immigration is a quite bad and evil thing that is responsible for imparting negative impacts upon countless natives and the whole country itself. Therefore, the question of the critique is that if immigration is quite bad. Then how is it possible that immigration drives a certain country through a road towards success and prosperity within a short amount of time?

Most people will surely fail to provide a proper and reasonable answer. Therefore, the myth that immigration is completely a bad thing will remain a myth. However, immigration can result in a tough time for a particular country if everything from the job market to the population is saturated. There is no need to worry as such kind of scenario is extremely rare to occur.

This is a common misconception. Immigration can bring a variety of benefits to a country, including economic growth, cultural diversity, and new ideas and perspectives. Immigrants are often highly motivated and have a strong work ethic, and they can fill labor shortages in certain industries. Additionally, immigration can lead to a more vibrant and dynamic society.

Immigration has a lot to offer that only a sane and well-aware person can understand. Otherwise, the existence of various immigration companies would have been questionable. This is why many immigration firms exist everywhere today in Pakistan. Among others, 7 Sky Immigration is the best immigration firm in Lahore. The reason is that we always know how and when to provide one-stop immigration solutions.

Myth 2: Immigrants Are Prone To Executing Different Crimes

Another myth about immigration and immigrants is that they involve themselves in the execution of different criminal activities. This is an incredibly widespread misconception that multiple studies proved wrong. However, the truth is that immigrants are actually less likely to commit crimes than those born and raised in the same country.

The truth is, immigrants are no more likely to commit crimes than anyone else. In fact, they may even be less likely. Immigrants are valuable members of society and they often contribute to the overall economic health of the country in which they live.

Therefore, it is quite unlikely that immigrants either intentionally or unintentionally will involve in any crime since doing so will prove to be the last nail in the coffin. Most of the immigrants are well aware and intelligent enough to understand the severity of the consequences. In some cases, people find the laws of host countries more strict than their homeland ones. Therefore an effective factor that discourages potential foreign criminals to forbade from illegal practices.  

Most immigrants are law-abiding and visit economically-developed countries seeking to work, build a better life for themselves and their families, and contribute to their communities. Immigrants aren’t subjected to incarceration more than native-born, and there is no evidence to support the notion that they are more likely to commit serious crimes.

Portugal is known as one of those countries known for extremely low crime rates and is a quite peaceful country. The 4th strongest passport-holding country has a lot to offer immigrants from an improved standard of living to mesmerizing glimpses of beaches and hills. Therefore, if you plan to immigrate to Portugal. Then our Portugal Second Passport Consultants and the Best Immigration Firm in Lahore will help you out in accomplishing this objective.

Myth 3: Immigrants Steal Jobs.

This is another fact that many people believe around the world regarding immigrants. Usually, this myth is considered true and prominent in countries like the USA, Venezuela, etc where immigrants are viewed through the lens of hatred. Natives believe immigrants are sneaky people who want to expel them from getting what’s meant only for them.

Instead of stealing jobs from the natives, it is seen that immigrants are more likely to create numerous jobs for them. Immigrants are more likely to start a business regardless of its niche and size. Why? Because they know very well that making a certain investment in the host country will result in a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Besides this, immigrants arrive in a certain country with a goal and strong drive to succeed in all aspects of life. And starting a business is no less than a springboard that makes them jump toward their goals. This is the reason that wherever you see certain businesses abroad. You will notice that most of the business owners are from foreign countries. 

The USA is one of the successful countries that are advanced and flourished in all aspects of life. Many people immigrate to the USA for credible opportunities. Therefore, the USA is also known as the “Melting Pot of Cultures”. Many people have started businesses over there and created countless jobs for others.

Therefore, if you are a business person or an investor, then the USA is the most recommended place to proceed with. 7 Sky Immigration, also known as the best immigration firm in Lahore, offers a business immigration program for the USA. The credibility of services offered by this immigration firm will surely make you not feel regret.

Myth 4: Immigrants Don’t Do Those Jobs That Many Avoid

In reality, immigrants are often doing jobs that many natives avoid. This is especially true for jobs that are low-paying or considered “undesirable.” Usually, immigrants have a huge load of responsibilities on their shoulders. Therefore, they are in search of even less satisfactory jobs that will be adequate enough for feeding their family. 

For example, immigrants are often employed as agricultural workers, maids, and janitors. Besides this, they also adopt those jobs that require long hours and often involve difficult or dangerous working conditions. Many people are simply not willing to do these jobs, even if they are in need of work because they suspect that their self-esteem or health might get affected.

Just take the example of Pakistan. Many people from Pakistan immigrate to other countries for work purposes. Pakistan is struggling quite hard to withdraw itself from the severe crisis. More than 60% of Pakistani citizens live below the line of poverty. They are quite desperate to make a decent living that helps them fulfill their and their family’s needs.

Besides this, even educated persons are suffering from a scarcity of employment opportunities due to incompetency and bad governance portrayed by the majority of governments. Therefore, they shift to countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, etc, and adopt different jobs that meet their basic demands.

7 Sky Immigration is offering many people an awesome opportunity to improve their personal and professional lives through the golden visa program in Portugal. Therefore, if you are looking to improve your living standard and want to witness a bright future, then Portugal is the right answer to your questions.

Myth 5: Immigrants Don’t Contribute to Anything

The majority of people view immigrants as those people who are unlikely to contribute to anything. However, it is quite a baseless misconception like many others. Immigrants contribute to almost every domain but usually, people overlook and don’t appreciate their efforts. This is why it is important to remove the veil from all misconceptions.

Immigrants pay different taxes, creating jobs for countless people, and filling the labor shortages. They come with ideas, concepts, and cultures of their own country that prove to be quite helpful for the host countries. Why? Because in many cases, immigrants offer ideas and suggestions for a certain solution that natives overlook.

Besides this, immigrants pay different taxes such as payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and many others. These taxes are helpful for providing strong support to social security and welfare programs and organizations. This helps such organizations in getting considerable resources that help them take better care of old, homeless persons, etc.

Immigrants after arriving from their homeland also make real estate investments in countries like Portugal, Turkey, etc. Why? Because greater are the chances of getting a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

Therefore, if you are a real estate investor who is looking for obtaining considerable value, then investing in real estate in such countries is highly rewarding. Why? Because it will open the doors of citizenship by investment. Especially if you proceed with the best immigration firm in Lahore.

Myth 6: Immigrants Are a Burden to the Government!

This myth is based on the false assumption that immigrants are a net drain on the government. In reality, immigrants contribute to the economy and pay taxes just like everyone else. In fact, multiple studies show that immigrants are actually less likely to use government benefits than native-born citizens.

But this myth serves as a weapon to charge and whip the advocates of immigration. People who hate immigrants justify the anti-immigrant policies of the Trump administration. Under this rule, immigrants who use certain public benefits, like food stamps or housing assistance, could be denied a green card or citizenship.

This rule would force immigrants to avoid benefits they are legally entitled to receive. Otherwise, their immigration status is on the verge to change forever for good. The point here is to understand that immigrants are not a burden to the government. In fact, they contribute to the economy and pay taxes just like everyone else.

This myth is used to justify anti-immigrant policies that aim to hurt immigrants and the economy, especially via a certain dominant but radical group. Therefore, still, if you believe that immigrants are a burden, just take a look at different countries with more immigrants. And analyze how much success immigrants bring within a blink of an eye.

Immigrants in different countries enjoy different advantages. For example, immigrants in Portugal after gaining Portuguese citizenship can enjoy tax exemptions and other different benefits. Therefore, if you also manage to benefit from Portugal Second Passport Consultants in Lahore and become a Portuguese citizen, consider yourself lucky

Myth 7: Only Unskilled People Immigrate

Usually, it is seen that only unskilled people or mere people with ordinary education immigrate to other countries. Why? Because they are unable to land a great job for themselves due to not being able to fulfill eligibility criteria completely. Or maybe the opportunities within a certain country they live in are limited.

However, this is not necessarily the case with such people only. In countries like Pakistan, many educated people also immigrate to other countries not only for better opportunities. But also to permanently settle along with their families and improve their standard of living.

And why shouldn’t they seek a better and more favorable place for themselves since everyone is well aware of Pakistan’s current situation? Last year about 650,000 people left Pakistan just because for gaining better opportunities that are helpful and can guarantee them a bright future. Skilled people immigrate to other countries, and showcase their skills which helps them excel and reach the peak of their careers in the form of enormous success.

Therefore if you believe yourself a quite skilled worker, the good news is awaiting your doorstep. 7 Sky Immigration, the best immigration firm in Lahore, offers skilled-based immigration programs for Australia and Canada. These two countries fall on the list of topmost successful nations in the whole world. Want to know what’s greater? They are highly welcoming to immigrants and ready to provide them with ease as much as possible. You can choose from any of these and still don’t won’t feel any sort of regret.

Myth 8: All Immigrants Are a Threat to National Security

Usually, in some parts of the world, immigrants are considered a threat to national security. The majority of natives believe the notion that immigrants are responsible for harming them and the national assets of a certain country. And use it for their own benefit.

This is not true. The vast majority of immigrants are not a threat to national security. In fact, many immigrants contribute positively to society through their work, education, and community involvement. And the ones who benefit from it truly know how valuable immigrants are not only for their homeland but also for the host country.

Additionally, immigrants are screened for security risks before acquiring entry to the country. Therefore, it is quite hard to comprehend or believe that immigrants turn out to be a security risk. It is important to remember that immigrants, like all individuals, should be evaluated based on their actions and not their nationality or ethnicity.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that immigrants are highly unlikely to treat the natives with extreme violence. Furthermore, many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs are immigrants. They bestow the host countries with their entrepreneurial spirit, innovative ideas, and hard work.

Myth 9: Immigrants Are Changing the Culture of the Country

Immigrants are often thought to be a threat to the culture of a country, but this is a myth. Immigrants often bring a unique culture and set of values to a country, which can create a more diverse and vibrant society.

Furthermore, rather than replacing or erasing a culture, immigrants often build bridges between cultures and foster closer relationships with their host country. This is especially true of immigrants who enter a country with the intention of assimilating and working to build a better life for themselves. Immigrants also often contribute knowledge, skills, and resources to the economy which imparts a positive effect on job creation.

Immigrants also help to keep traditions alive, as they provide a platform to share and celebrate their culture in the new country. Ultimately, immigrants are more likely to enhance the culture of a country, rather than change it.

Portugal is the best example of a highly cultural country where many people from all over the world visit and enjoy their quality time. Rather than trying to change the culture, immigrants fall in love with the unique culture of Portugal. And they engage in a cross-cultural exchange with the locals who are quite warm, welcoming, and friendly with immigrants.

Therefore, if you want to start a new life in this highly cultural, progressive, and peaceful country, you can reach out to the Portugal Second Passport Experts in Lahore. We will make sure to help you achieve the desired objective by providing you with a golden chance to change your life forever for good. So how about getting started with the best immigration firm in Lahore?

Final Verdict

In this article, we discussed all major myths existing about immigration. The reason is that it was important to have a clear picture of the topic of immigration. Why? Because immigration in some parts of the world is a quite controversial topic, especially in western countries.

Whereas others countries view immigration as a blessing for themselves. Resultantly, immigration just like any other topic also holds divided opinions. But still, no one can ignore such a significant topic. Why? Because it has a lot to offer you. Once you manage to travel abroad via Best Immigration Firm in Lahore, then you will know.

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