Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa in Pakistan

Are you an ambitious and passionate investor who is looking to move to Portugal, prosper and have a backup plan for the upcoming generations? If yes, you will probably need a Portugal Golden Visa for this purpose. Therefore, you should keep in your mind that no immigration and consultancy firm can best assist you other than 7Sky Immigration for your migration needs.

7Sky Immigration is one of the best golden visa Portugal consultants that are offering the Golden Visa Program in Portugal to fulfill your migration needs in the best possible manner. They are offering the Golden Visa Program for those who have invested in Portugal.

Therefore, before diving straight into the benefits of the Portugal Golden Visa, it is first essential to know what exactly Golden Visa is and why you should need it.

What Is a Golden Visa for Portugal?

The Golden Visa for Portugal is also known as the “Residence Permit by Investment” program. It is a residence visa meant for non-European nationals who have made significant investments like buying property, transferring funds, and providing job opportunities.

The Portuguese Government launched the Golden Visa program back in October 2012. The goal for launching Golden Visa was to counter the devastating effects caused by the economic crisis in 2008 by attracting international capital.

With the help of this program, Portugal witnessed a rise of 6 Billion Euros then, and the economy got improved.

Why Choose Portugal for Golden Visa?

Portugal is one of the most peaceful and economically strong countries in the world right now. The South-West European Country broad coastline, jaw-dropping landscapes, tasty seafood, a fair climate, and welcoming people.

Besides this, the living standard is relatively high and at affordable costs. This is why Portugal is an irresistible destination for international investors. Portugal’s passport is the 5th most powerful and best passport in the world.

So if you are an investor from Pakistan, you should avail of the Portugal Golden Visa. Now is the best chance, as Pakistan is currently facing the worst economic crisis.

Benefits of having a Portugal’s Golden Visa

The following are the significant benefits for both investors and their families after acquiring Portugal Golden Visa:

  • With the help of a Golden Visa, you can reside in the South-West European Country for five years, further leading to opened doors for citizenship.
  • Once you become a Portuguese citizen, you enjoy full benefits just as a European citizen does since Portugal is a member of the European Union.
  • You can enjoy all the health facilities through Portugal’s public-funded healthcare system, also known as the “Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS).”
  • Full access to high-quality education since the literacy rate in Portugal is 99.44%.
  • You can travel to 186+ countries (both Schengen and non-Schengen areas) without any Visa.
  • Once you get Portugal’s Golden Visa, you don’t need to spend the entire 5 years; just 35 days, to be eligible for lifetime residence in Portugal.
  • You can even invite your family members to join you and do different activities.

Besides the benefits mentioned above, Portugal allows its citizens/residents to enjoy multiple nationalities. If you are from Pakistan, you will be glad to know that you can also have dual citizenship. Sounds great. Right?

There may be only a few people who would not like to enjoy such great benefits. So if you want to move to Portugal, consult 7Sky Immigration. This immigration firm offers two programs for Portugal; Portugal Citizenship by Investment and Portugal Second Passport.

Requirements for Portugal’s Golden Visa

The following requirements are necessary to fulfill to get Portugal’s Golden Visa:

  • Age above 18.
  • Significant Investment for contributing to Portugal’s economy.
  • No Criminal Record.
  • Ownership of money for investment
  • Retain your Investment for a minimum of 5 years

How to Apply?

The following are the necessary steps involved in getting Golden Visa:

  • Make 2 trips to Portugal and select the investment method.
  • Create a Portuguese Bank Account and Tax Number.
  • After completing the investment, you can apply for Golden Visa.
  • It can take six months to receive a residence permit. However, the process will get completed faster with 7Sky Immigration.
  • You can apply for Portuguese Citizenship afterward and enjoy different benefits.
  • When applying for permanent residency, you must clear a general knowledge test, including A2 level Portuguese proficiency and information about Portugal’s laws and society.

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