Apply for Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment – Steps to Consider

Turkey is the most beautiful Muslim country located between Asia and Europe. It indicates that the location is located in the centre of the world with an effect on east and west. The reason is that its climates are the best and it also has beautiful places to visit.

However, Turkey is offering the best investment program for foreigners to get nationality. So, families and businesses can get Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment. In this way, they can get nationality and start their business in Turkey. To help you in the Immigration of your home or business, 7Sky Immigration is always there.

Turkish Citizenship Requirements

Now the rules of applying for Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment have changed. So, the following are the requirements that you need to fulfil to get nationality:

  • You can invest many USD to get the Turkish passport
  • Also, you can buy the property. Further, attach the letter in which it is stated that you will not sell this property for three years.
  • You can also make an investment in a bank account. Further, you need to provide the commitment that this amount will be in the bank for three years.
  • You need to buy real estate application participation shares for investment. Further, you need to provide the commitment that these shares will be in the bank for three years.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

The following are the benefits that you can get after getting Turkey nationality:

  • You can travel to 111 countries without having a visa. These countries include Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  • Turkey is the best place To visit and attracts lots of tourists
  • If you apply for citizenship, then you and your family can enjoy all the advantages of being a citizen.
  • After getting citizenship,  you are also eligible to get an E-2 investor visa.
  • You can live in Turkey for a long time.
  • You have a chance to get the luxury living standards and education
  • Also, you can get the best healthcare center facilities
  • Turkey is the most powerful economic country in the world

Investment Requirements

There are three methods to apply for the Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment. So, you can easily make an investment according to your choice. The following are the ways:

Investment #1: Real Estate

You can explore several ways that help you to make an investment in real estate. The property may be an apartment, land, or villa.

Further, you have no need to take approval to buy property firstly. The reason is that real estate is not commonly overvalued.

Remember to make registration of your property on the same day after buying. It is important for you to have this property for

three years.

Investment #2: Creation of Jobs

You can also get a Turkey passport if you create 50 jobs for citizens of Turkey. So, the best solution is to start your business in Turkey. In this way, you can give jobs to 50 people and get the nationality of Turkey. But you must take help from an expert because business can start with the price. We suggest you take help from 7Sky Immigration in the whole process.

So, you can explore different businesses in Turkey and also employ other people to run your business.

Investment #3: Capital Transfer

It is another good option for those who don’t want to invest in the above-mentioned ways. The following are the factors that you need to consider while investing this amount:

  • You need to transfer this amount to a Turkey bank account
  • Make a contribution to the government bonds
  • Make an investment in the fund shares
  • Ensure that you will keep this investment for three years

The best thing to invest in the capital transfer is that you don’t need to deposit the amount in Turkey currency. You can deposit this amount in a stable currency such as Euro.

Note: It is a good option for the investor to invest in real estate. The reason is that you need to invest a small amount in real estate. Further, it is expected that the value of this investment will be increased. You can also rent or sell this property.

Residency Requirements

The best thing is that you don’t need to live in Turkey to get citizenship. You can only visit Turkey a few times and get citizenship by investment.

You need to apply online and then visit Turkey to check your properties. Further, you need to check the investment way that you have selected.

Steps to Consider For Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment:

The following are the steps that should be considered for Turkey 2nd passport by investment:

  • If you want to invest in real estate, then you need an eligibility license. This certificate will be given to you after you qualify for citizenship. In order to get the certificate, you should consult the minister of environment and the director of the land registry.
  • It is important for you that you are a legal resident of Turkey. Then you can start the process of application for citizenship. So, you must obtain your resident certificate soon if you want to get the Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment. This certificate will be given to you when you have made the investment.
  • After all the above steps, you reach the final step. Now, you need to submit your paperwork to the  Provincial Directorate of Census.

You can do the whole process easier in a day. Remember, it is not necessary for you to remain in the country during this process. But if you are in Turkey, then you can finish this process in a day. Then after 3 or 4 months, you will get your passport for Turkey.

Remember that the passport is valid for ten years. It means you don’t need to renew your passport after 3 or 4 years.

Final Verdict:

Turkey is a beautiful country that also allows you to get dual nationality. You need to apply for the Turkey 2nd Passport by Investment. Further, living in Turkey gives you many benefits that you have never thought of. Now, you don’t need to give up the nationality of your country to get citizenship in Turkey.

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